Introducing …

You all know the old saying about March – “In like a lion, out like a seven pound, 15 ounce bouncing baby boy.”  Well, I don’t know if that adage has ever been more true than it was this year, as the Rempe family welcomed Matthew Ronald Rempe to the team early in the morning on March 28.

As one might expect from a Rempe, Matthew’s arrival was not exactly conventional.

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The Sign of the Van

I grew up two blocks from the corner of Grinn and Barret, which, looking back on it, seems a propos.

Along the road of life, there are sign posts – landmarks that tell you where you’ve been, where you are going, and just how long you’ve been on this crazy trip.

A couple of weeks ago, I passed a couple of those signs.  The first one said, “You Are Now Leaving Cool-Hipster-Parentville.  Thanks for Visiting!  Please Drive Safely.”  That sign was soon followed by another: “Welcome to Minivandom! Enjoy Your Stay!”*

Yes, the Rempe Family has made the move to the giant people-hauler as our primary mode of transportation.  It was a move made out of necessity – the old crossover (which was not a minivan, I continue to assert) was only built to allow three car seats.  (Actually, I’m pretty sure it was designed for two, but dad managed to squeeze all the kids into one row.)  With Rempe Offspring #4 (hope we can come up with a better name) due in less than two weeks, the time had come to get a more accommodating vehicle.  And when Beth nixed the idea of loading all the car seats in the back of a new pickup truck, the decision to cross into the Land of the Van was made.

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