Photo Gallery #2: Samuel Meets the Family

I promise not to make this blog a virtual family photo gallery.  Well, not exclusively.  However, if my readers will indulge me this one time, I offer one more photo gallery of our newest family member, meeting his brother, sister, and other assorted family members. – SR


Samuel Robert

On Saturday evening, July 14, Samuel Robert made his first appearance on this terrestrial ball.  He came in a hurry, barely allowing the doctor into the room before arriving himself.  He is seven pounds, three ounces; and 21 inches long.  And, all bias aside, is as beautiful a baby as I have ever seen.  (Okay, maybe a little bias remains.)

Here are a few of the initial images of Sam, taken in the first few hours following his birth.  More images are sure to follow, as well as stories and reflections.

A Letter to My (Unborn) Son

Hi Champ!

This is your daddy!  You don’t know me yet – well, you don’t actually know anyone yet – but we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.

I’m the guy who is going to teach you ride a bike, who is going to take you to your first ball game, and who is going to introduce you to the joy of a good root beer float.  I’m sure there will be late-night science projects and early-morning raids of your Christmas stockings.  But first, you have to get here.

Your mother and I have been eagerly awaiting your arrival ever since we found out you would be joining us.  We can’t wait to see your little face, to hold your little hands, and to hear your little voice.  Mom is busy preparing things for your arrival, getting everything set so that you have a place to sleep and clothes to wear.

Did you know that you have a big sister and a big brother?  Grace and Caleb are every bit as excited as Mom and I are to meet their “baybee bruddah.”  You are going to have fun getting to know them!  There is so much they want to show and teach you.  I’m sure the three of you will find plenty of unique ways to get into trouble together, much like I did with my brothers many, many years ago.

You are going to have a lifetime to learn and experience all that life has to offer.  However, there are a handful of simple truths I want you to know up front.

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Diary of a Storm

This past weekend, a significant storm blew through the Washington, DC, area, downing trees, disrupting power service, and generally making a mess out of the nation’s capital.  The following is what my diary of the last few days would have looked like, if I were disciplined enough to actually keep a diary.  -SR


Friday, June 29
The storms are rolling in this evening.  The howling wind and sound of rain blowing up against the siding are making it awful hard to concentrate on tonight’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives marathon on the Food Network.  Is it too much to ask for a few minutes of peace and quiet now that the work week is done, and the wife and kids are snuggled into their beds?  As it is, I have to keep running outside to make sure our grill cover doesn’t end up in a neighboring county.  (The last trip out, not only was the grill cover plastered against the neighbor’s fence, the grill was actually on the other side of the patio than it was just a few minutes before.)

Sure was a scorcher today!  Fortunately, I was able to “man up” and get the grass mowed before the real heat and humidity set in this afternoon.  Now, the weekend is largely free.  I got a good deal on a couple of prime ribeye steaks—can’t wait to throw those bad boys on grill tomorrow.  (Provided, of course, the grill is still there.)  The rest of the weekend is supposed to be even hotter.  Sounds like a good excuse to spend some time on the couch and catching up on some televised sports.  Thank God for electricity and good ol’ air cond

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